Motorola Dimetra TETRA Products

Motorola's TETRA solutions offer secure, reliable and efficient communications customized to meet the needs of different markets. They are among the top global suppliers in every mission-critical category including TETRA terminals for public safety, commercial and enterprise environments. TETRA users operate under diverse operational conditions and to meet these challenges, they offer a wide range of end to end solutions. These solutions extend beyond the radios and encompass accessories, terminal software and applications.

TETRA Portable Terminals

Motorola offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet any unique requirement.

MTP3100 TETRA Portable Two-Way Radio Providing the TETRA essentials in a small and simple radio. Read More >

MTP3250 TETRA Rugged Two-Way Radio Designed to work in the toughest and most demanding environments.
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MTP3150 TETRA Radio Providing the TETRA essentials in a small and simple radio coupled with the addition of a full keypad and GPS. Read More >

MTP6550 TETRA Rugged Portable Radio High performance, mission-critical radios with advanced data capabilities to ensure that you’ll always be ready for what’s ahead. Read More >

MTP3200 TETRA Radio “Built to meet the challenges of demanding environments.

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MTP6750 TETRA Portable Two-Way Radio Integrated camera and advanced data capabilities to drive effective frontline operations. Read More >

The MTP Series sets a new standard in TETRA ATEX radios. From their form to their function, these new radios have been carefully engineered to address workers’ needs and offer the ultimate in safe, reliable and efficient communications in hazardous environments. Meeting the latest ATEX and IECEx standards, this next generation of TETRA ATEX radios represents a significant step forward in improving worker safety, communications and efficiency.
MTP850 Ex delivers safe and reliable communications in potentially explosive environments. Read More
MTP8550 Ex Series radios sets a new standard in TETRA ATEX portables.
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MTP8500 Ex Series radios sets a new standard in TETRA ATEX portables
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MTP810Ex Powerful, reliable radio communications, ATEX TETRA radios allow safe use in gas and dust environments. Read More >
TCR1000 is the smallest body-worn TETRA Covert Radio providing fully featured TETRA radio functions to users in covert operations. Read More >


TETRA Mobile Radios for Mission-Critical Communications.

MTM5200 TETRA MOBILE RADIO is the base model in the new family of TETRA radios. It shares the enhanced audio and receiver sensitivity of the current MTM5400, as well as being TEDS-ready for high speed data service which will enhance operation. Read More >

MTM5400 DMO TETRA Mobile Radio includes high power modes and the Gateway Repeater functionality features required by a number of end users. Read More >

MTM5500 DMO TETRA Mobile Radio is a highly flexible and capable system radio which permits the installation of multiple control heads. Up to 40m from the radio for a total of 80m on a train or boat. The new Telephone Style Control Head provides an alternative method to control the radio and make voice and data calls. Read More >


Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch Consoles provide reliable communications to maximise your organisation's command centre operations.

MCC7500C Console is an IP-based command and control solution for Dimetra TETRA. Read More >




TETRA Core Networks for Mission Critical Communications

At the core of Motorola's proven TETRA solutions are world leading IP based TETRA switches, scalable to meet your needs - now and in the future.

Dimetra IP Compact - Scalable TETRA Infrastructure Solutions for Critical Communications.
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Dimetra IP Micro Building on the proven Dimetra IP family of TETRA Solutions, Dimetra IP Micro provides for localised operators of TETRA service. Read More >

Dimetra IP TETRA Switches for Professional Communications Integrated TETRA Solutions for Mission Critical Communications. Read More >

MTS2 TETRA Small Base Station
A small, deployable TETRA base station with easy front access and low maintenance costs is ideal for rural or inaccessible sites. Read More >

MTS1 TETRA Rugged Small Base Station The world's smallest TEDS ready base station is a powerful cost-efficient one-box solution. Read More >

MTS4 TETRA Base Station Tough and extremely reliable, the MTS 4 is a high specification, full redundant TETRA base station offering superb performance. Read More >

MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station Fast, flexible and future-ready, the MTS4L TETRA Base Station provides a simplified path for the addition of LTE to provide a complementary broadband service.
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Motorola TETRA Applications

Drive down management costs, communicate from anywhere, manage public resources and increase employee, security and network performance with Motorola software and applications.

TETRA Radio Applications Harness the capability of you Dimetra network and terminals through applications tailored for your needs.

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Two-way radio encryption is a critical aspect of compliance but doesn’t have to be tedious or redundant with software and portable solutions that eliminate manual entry, reach out-of-range units and improve security.

Key Management Facility
The Key Management Facility enables effective planning, implementation, and execution of security doctrine — all adaptable to user requirements.
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Key Variable Loader 3000 Plus Key Variable Loaders (KVL) are required to load encryption keys for all secure equipped products containing cryptographic applications. Read More >