System Planning & Network Design

Radio & Trunking offers a complete network design service. Working closely with customers to fully understand their demands and existing infrastructure, our company submits a detailed design for the complete network which covers architecture, specifications, performance requirements, products used, protection and management. All designs are cost effective, take into account future expansions, and are based on suitable/compatible products and solutions. In addition, our company offers network design consulting services and design verification.

• Design & Planning.
• Liaison on system requirements.
• Financing planning consultation.
• Frequency planning and license management.
• Single site, multi-site & multi regional systems.
• Personal end user training courses.


Site Survey

A major part of network planning, site surveys verify the suitability of proposed installation sites. Radio & Trunking's experienced engineers conduct surveys using the most advanced tools available. These surveys yield detailed reports that include site specifications, recommendations and requirements for site preparation.

Site surveys cover:
• Exact site location verification
• Line-of-sight verification
• Optimal locations for sites
• Locations for indoor and outdoor units, including antennas
• Propagation and possible interference conditions
• Power supply source
• Cable layout
• Site access
• Site-specific installation requirements


Coverage Planning

Radio & Trunking offers planning to ensure mobile and portable coverage is achieved as well as offering microwave network path design. Using advanced software tools, Radio & Trunking guarantees network performance that meets customer requirements. Our radio planning covers frequency and antenna selection, location and transmission parameters, diversity requirements and availability calculations. To ensure that no signals interfere with the planned link, Radio & Trunking provides customers with on-site frequency surveys which detail all link specifications and results. Radio planning consulting services and design verification are also available.


Network Implementation

Network implementation covers all execution stages, beginning with a plan, based on network design and customer requirements, and spanning all aspects of the implementation process. Radio & Trunking oversees network implementation for customer-managed deployment projects.


System Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Our FAT, or Factory Acceptance Test, is usually performed at the vendor’s facility or the system integrator’s premises prior to shipping to our clients. The vendor will test the system in accordance with the client’s approved test plans and specifications to show that the system is at a point where it is ready to be installed and tested on site. Testing generally involves running a suite of tests on the completed system. Each individual test, known as a case, exercises a particular operating condition of the user's environment or feature of the system. It’s an essential aspect of the whole system lifecycle and should be performed by experienced personnel. Time spent doing a proper FAT will lead to fewer problems when the equipment is installed on your site.


Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Site Acceptance Testing is the stage where our customer conducts testing for the components supplied under the project scope. The Site Acceptance Testing stage includes 3 parts: integration testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing. This testing stage also utilizes test plans and scenarios created earlier in the project lifecycle by the customer team.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) includes:

  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing


Installation & Commissioning Service

Radio & Trunking employ an experienced team of Radio Installation Riggers, Engineers and OEM experts, capable of surveying and deploying a wide range of manufacturer's products.
In accordance with Health and Safety requirements RTD's Agents have been trained and hold Certificated Qualifications in the relevant areas of working at heights and hazards of telecommunications equipment.

Radio & Trunking can provide numerous case studies detailing work carried out for public sector, private sector and large telecommunications operators. See also our Track Record section.


High quality R56 Site Installations

R56 refers to the highest standard in site installations set out by Motorola. All our installations conform to this best practice. RTD's long standing experience ensures that all our sub-contractors and engineers are highly qualified with the necessary skills.


Project Management

Radio & Trunking manages projects of any scale. Our project managers oversee network implementation according to the project plan and milestone schedule.