Two Way Radio Communication Solutions for Manufacturing & Construction

High quality, reliable voice communication in noisy environments.

Reliable communication systems are absolutely critical in a hazardous environment where a single spark could lead to catastrophic explosions. Radio & Trunking have developed numerous Trunking & Conventional systems using Intrinsically Safe ( FM ) and ATEX radios specifically for the Chemical & Refinery Hazardous Environment industries. Our design and implementation team are uniquely qualified with the detailed requirements of the customer.

Digital TETRA and DMR MOTOTRBO communications allow you to communicate flexibly either with an individual, sub-group or all radios in the system. No user will be distracted hearing messages intended for others.

Systems with built in calling priority means any emergency call is routed through the system, clearing lower priority calls out of its way to ensure any situation is immediately dealt with.

Privacy calling with encrypted speech.

Safe workers

The end-to-end digital nature of TETRA and DMR MOTOTRBO enables new features such as Man Down linked with GPS applications to be easily integrated into radios and systems. You can monitor where your portables and mobiles are, making it easier to manage workers and ensure safety.

Installation & Commissioning

Radio & Trunking employ experienced teams of Radio Installation Riggers, Engineers and OEM experts capable of surveying and deploying a wide range of manufacturer's products.

Radio & Trunking can provide numerous case studies detailing work carried out for public sector, private sector and large telecom operators. See our Track Record section.

Maintenance Services

At Radio & Trunking, we recognize the need to provide customers with superior after-sales support. Our response to that need is to deliver unsurpassed service throughout.

Our Customer/Field Service Engineering Team gives you a direct link to the experts that can help solve your problem or answer your question.

Support Services

Customers depend on reliable support throughout their entire service area. From personnel training to natural disaster recovery, Radio & Trunking have the support solutions to meet your requirements.

Recommended Products for this Sector

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