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Key Variable Loaders (KVLs) enable the loading of encryption keys for Motorola TETRA terminals supporting TETRA Air Interface Encryption or equipped with End-End encryption solutions. The KVL 3000 Plus allows key material management through a battery-powered portable device with a bit map display and an intuitive menu.

Features and Benefits

The KVL 3000 Plus is a portable tool which is used to provision secure key material and configure various parameters within Motorola® secure communications equipment. The Key Variable Loader (KVL) is used to create, store, and transfer encryption keys into secure devices.

Simple User Interface
The KVL keypad is used for navigating through the menu-driven interface and for manually entering key data.

Secure Access
The KVL can be configured with password protection for two levels of access (supervisor and operator). A supervisor can access all menu items and can perform all KVL operations. An operator can download keys from a KMF, load keys into a target device, and perform a number of other operations, but certain KVL features are restricted.

Store and Forward
The KVL is used for Store and Forward operation. The KVL downloads key material for target devices from the KMF or a Dimetra Authentication or Provisioning Centre, either by a direct connection or through modem. The KVL user then loads the keys to each assigned target device. The KVL maintains acknowledgments for all the keyloading operations to the target devices. When the KVL is reconnected with the KMF or AuC/PrC, the latter updates the current provisioning status for all the target devices.