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The Key Management Facility (KMF) is a TETRA Standards and SFPG compliant mission critical enterprise solution that can facilitate secure key management and distribution. It enables effective planning, implementation, and execution of security doctrine — all adaptable to user requirements. The KMF consists of three elements: a client/server software application, a Windows® 2000 computer network, and a KMF Crypto Card.

Features and Benefits

Secure user group management via Common Key Reference (CKR)
Allows users to visually track members and group encryption keys.

Effective organization
Users link Groups, Unit, and CKR to most effectively organize system.

Over-the-Air Control (OTAC)
Allows operator to inhibit and enable radios within the network.

Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR)
Eliminates the need to manually rekey radios.

Key Material Generation
Frees operators from reliance on third party suppliers or manual key material generation.

“Store & Forward” function
During rekeying operation, associations between units and the KVL 3000 can be performed directly from the user interface.

Units never truly out of range
"Store-&-Forward" permits a user to reach remote units during rekey process.

Event logging, archiving, and reporting
Enhances security by protecting all mission-critical communications.

KMF Hello
Determines whether a radio is within range without causing extra voice traffic.