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Designed for tough environments, the MTP6550 ensures communications availability through a rugged, water-submersible design. The radio also provides unmatched communications clarity, ensuring minimum audio distortion even at high volume through the in-built speaker or an attached remote speaker microphone.

A TEDS-ready radio, the MTP6550 offers comprehensive data connectivity and local storage options to provide mobile workers with on-demand access to critical information. With integrated Bluetooth, the MTP6550 allows users to connect an array of Bluetooth audio accessories and data devices without an external adapter.

The MTP6000 Series will be available from 2H 2013. Available products and features may vary by region or country. Contact your local Motorola representative for specific availability and feature support in your region.


Communications Lifeline

With best-in-class receiver sensitivity, operational range can be extended by up to 14%. With 2W audio through the loudspeaker as well as through the IMPRES remote speaker microphone, you can benefit from loud, clear and undistorted audio to ensure reliable communication.


Mission-critical Design

Frontline personnel need to trust their equipment. To ensure ruggedness our radios meet and exceed stringent MIL-SPEC test standards in addition to meeting the requirements of ETSI mechanical tests. In addition to optimized ergonomics, the MTP6000 series is IP67 compliant meaning it will continue to operate even after being submerged in water.


Harness Intelligence

Instantly share intelligence with frontline officers through TEDS data connectivity, flexible Bluetooth v2.1 wireless technology or using the micro SD card for multimedia content storage


Automate the Backoffice

Simply dock the radio in its charging cradle to seamlessly share evidential images and mission briefings between the radio and backoffice systems.

Shorten the learning curve

Minimise training needs with familiar, easy to use IMPRES accessories that integrate seamlessly into your operational environment with automatically optimised audio profile settings


Group call
Late entry
Compatibility with
Gateway and repeater


Data Services


Data storage
micro SD card (max. 32 GB)
Status messaging
400 alias messages
Short data service (SDS)
20 message inbox, individual or group addresses, send/receive during calls
Packet data (PD)
7.2kbps - 28.8 kbps gross (single or mutli-slot)
TEDS-ready hardware – TEDS supports up to 80kbps in 50kHz channel
Integrated WAP browser
AT commands


Emergency Voice Services


Smart emergency
Hot mic
Configurable timers
Send on emergency
Emergency target address
Individual or group
Emergency status


GPS Specifications


GPS antenna
Integrated in TETRA antenna
Mode of operation
Autonomous or assisted (A-GPS)
Location protocols


Integrated Imaging Features


Image storage
Up to 32GB micro SD
Image management
Works with iTM PICS for auto-upload and download of images


Frequency bands
350-470 MHz
Power output
Class 3L (1.8W) & Class 4 (1W)

Physical Characteristics


Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
132 x 59 x 34 mm (with standard battery)


Radio Features


Receiver static sensitivity
-114 dBm minimum, -116 dBm typical
Receiver dynamic sensitivity
-105 dBm minimum, -107 dBm typical
Scan types
Talk group
Receiver class
RF power level accuracy
+/- 2 dB


Security Features


End to End Encryption
Enhanced End to End Encryption with OTAKsupported through AES128
Air interface encryption algorithms
Air interface encryption security classes
Class1 (clear), Class2 (SCK), Class3 (DCK, CCK & GCK)
Key provisioning
"Secure provisioning tool (key variable loader KVL)Over the Air Re-keying (OTAR) for SCK and Class 3 (CCK & GCK)"
Network access
Temporary enable / disable (Stun), Permanent enable / disable (Kill)
Infrastructure initiated and made mutual by terminal

TMO Services


Full duplex
Up to 2047 groups

User Environment

IP Standards
IP67 and IP65 per IEC60529
Operating temperature
-30oC to +60oC
Storage temperature
-40°C to +85°C
ETSI 300 019-1-7 class 7.3E
Shock, drop and vibration
ETSI 300-019 1-7 class 5M3


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