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Seamless integration into Dimetra IP TETRA networks is at the heart of the MCC7500C Console’s command and control solution, which provides interoperability, cost savings and security advantages for mission critical communications.

The MCC7500C Console connects directly to IP networks without interface boxes, digital voice gateways or backroom electronics. All console activity — including trunked and conventional audio, auxiliary inputs/outputs and configuration/fault management — is supported by IP network.


MCC7500C Console is designed to help reduce your total cost of owning a robust, reliable dispatch solution, without compromising on the high quality you expect from Motorola.

  • Compatible with existing Dimetra IP and Dimetra IP Compact Systems with forward migration to protect and leverage your investment.
  • Re-use of the Elite Graphical User Interface (GUI) helps minimise dispatcher training.
  • Works together with CENTRACOM Elite providing robust feature interaction.
  • Installation is simplified and site costs are reduced since the console operator position functions without backroom electronics.
  • Console configuration is performed at a centralised Network Manager client, with changes distributed automatically, saving valuable technician and administrator time.
  • Integration into the system’s central fault management system, which uses industry standard event monitoring protocols, means fewer site visits.
  • Flexible bandwidth requirements minimise operating costs for all remote console locations.
  • Conventional audio is transported by the same IP network, eliminating the need for channel banks or a separate circuit switch network.


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