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XTVA Transportable Base Station Experience the versatility of a transportable base station with the power of a fixed station.


XTVA Transportable Base Station The XTVA Transportable Base Station is designed to enhance the operation of an XTS 3000, XTS 3500, or XTS 5000 portable radio. This highly versatile, rapid deployment product can be especially beneficial as a temporary base station, or in vehicles when temporary mobile installation is needed or when mobile covert communication is desired.

Features and Benefits

"Jump and Run" Communications The XTVA Transportable base station is a lightweight, rugged, and rapidly deployable package. It features the versatility of a transportable base station with the power of a fixed station.

Typical Applications:

  • Law Enforcement Command Posts
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Fire Fighting Support
  • Rental Vehicle Temporary Base Station
  • Military Surveillance Support
  • Enhanced Portable Coverage Solutions
  • Surveillance and Covert Mission Support

Network adaptability 35 Watt VHF, 20 Watt UHF, 15 Watt 800 MHz Low Power/High Power switch-able Features an auto-switchable 85-250 VAC (46-61 Hz) power supply. Also includes a 12 VDC fused cigarette lighter power cable. XTVA Transportable Base Station Includes


  • Available in a VHF, UHF or 800MHz model
  • Full Feature Display Hand Held Microphone
  • RF Switch with Lanyard and installation wrench
  • 5 Watt detachable Speaker with 10' cable
  • Type "UHF" Female SO239 Antenna Connector
  • Encrypted or clear operation
  • Surveillance-Ready (Tape record jack & plug)
  • Headset Hirose Jack and Headphone Phono Jack
  • Lightweight rugged transportable aluminum case for rapid deployment capability
  • Operates with 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC 50-60Hz power requirement
  • Optional 12' Microphone extension cable
  • Compatible with all tri-chemistry Ultra High capacity battery types


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