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The KVL 4000 is Motorola’s Next Generation encryption Key Variable Loader for secure enabled Motorola products. Equipped with the Motorola MC55 PDA, this new PDA style key loader is outfitted with state-of-the-art features and user interface for increased efficiency and programming flexibility. A large LCD color display paired with an easy to use alphanumeric keypad enables simple viewing and data entry. Built with legendary Motorola quality and security, the KVL 4000 is built to withstand everyday use in Federal and public safety environments.

Features and Benefits

Sleek yet rugged design
Utilizes the Motorola MC55 PDA with large 3.5 inch color display, touch screen interface and qwerty keyboard. Built to withstand every day use in federal and public safety environments.

Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system

Automatic key generation

  • Automatically generates random keys for any algorithm
  • Can auto-generate a single key or a bulk set of keys

Enhanced security

  • FIPS 140-2 level 3 provides the highest level of security for your data
  • User timeout automatically logs out the user after a specified period of inactivity
  • User and administrator authentication allow users and administrators to perform and restrict firmware upgrades, changes and key management

Dead battery operation
Ability to operate the KVL including key management and key downloading while charging.

Key Management Facility (KMF) support
With store and forward capability the encryption keys are downloaded from the KMF, stored in the KVL, and delivered to the end units.


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