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Project 25 (P25) Inter RF Subsystem Interface (P25 ISSI) provides a wireline interface for connecting multiple P25 systems together. This will allow users to roam onto other P25 systems providing network of network interoperability.

How it works

The P25 ISSI is a “wireline”, network IP-based solution which builds upon today’s P25 over the air “Common Air Interface” (CAI). A key advantage of wireline interoperability solutions is that systems of different System IDs, different user databases and of different RF Bands can be interconnected. Wireline solutions keep the traffic digitally vocoded and encrypted for greater performance and security. It allows public safety agencies to: Utilize the coverage areas of existing connected networks, which might span thousands of square miles. Maintain secure, encrypted traffic across the networks. Roam on to connected networks and still communicate with home dispatcher.

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