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Motorola Building Enclosures
Motorola has developed two choices in building designs: Motorola Standard Buildings (MSB) and Motorola Alternative Buildings (MAB)


Protect your equipment from the environment and deliver maximum uptime and reliability with Motorola Building Enclosures. Two cost effective designs are available to best meet your unique needs: Motorola Standard Building (MSB) – sets the industry standard as an all inclusive, concrete shelter that provides maximum protection for your equipment. Motorola Alternative Building (MAB) – a lightweight fiberglass aggregate panel shelter, fully scalable and tailored to your specific requirements.

Features and Benefits

Motorola Standard Buildings (MSB) and Motorola Alternative Buildings (MAB) provide:

Scalable, cost effective designs to meet your needs Provide the protection your equipment needs from the elements and begin with the basic MAB model and modify it with specific upgrades to tailor the building to your specific requirements, or choose the more complete MSB enclosure and provide the protection your equipment needs from the elements.

Predesigned, approved and equipment ready
Our building systems have been pre-designed to meet the most current edition of Motorola’s R56 Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites, including cabling facilities, back-up power sources, grounding, and complete electrical systems and surge suppression. Your fixed radio equipment can be installed at the building manufacturing plant or on site. Both designs have already been drafted and pre-approved to meet state building codes, reducing the approval and certification process.

Specific electrical configurations for equipment
The power requirements are based on the load calculations for each specific building type and system configuration. Individual load distribution centers allow for proper allocation of electrical power and easy identification of the breakers. Separate receptacles with dedicated circuits are installed for convenient powering of the equipment.


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