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The ASTRO® Packet Data Gateway (PDG) is a modular platform designed to link wireline Internet Protocol (IP) data networks to ASTRO 25 trunked or conventional Integrated Voice and Data or HPD system. The Packet Data Gateway complies with the Project 25 (P25) packet data user-driven integrated voice and data network specifications for radio to Fixed Network Equipment (FNE) data configurations.

Features and Benefits

The ASTRO 25 – Packet Data Gateway provides the following gateway services to ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data or HPD system users:

• IP Data Services – manages the message traffic to and from the ASTRO 25 system easing integration with existing wire-line IP data networks. The PDG console will show only the statistics.

• Radio System Management – supports SNMP based radio system management within the ASTRO 25 networks for detailed statistics and alarm information to support audit, diagnostic and optimization activities for radio system management. This information can be viewed via the PDG console or through the network management system. The PDG console will show only the statistics.

• Wide Area Operations – allows trunking data users to roam seamlessly throughout the coverage area within an ASTRO 25 network without the need to manually select a different channel or have any specific knowledge of the network. In conventional systems, data users will require a new data registration when roaming to a new zone. Related... Products Solutions GTR 8000 Base Radio/Expandable Site Subsystem Supports ASTRO® 25 and High Performance Data site operation across multiple bands and configurations. Learn MoreGo People Who Viewed This Page Also


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