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Get more from your mission critical ASTRO® 25 system with ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution. Users can quickly send and receive messages and run database queries directly from their data-enabled Motorola two-way radios. With access to this information, first responders are able to make on-the-spot decisions, freeing air time for critical voice communications. When integrated with PremierOne™ CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), your personnel can also automatically receive dispatch information, BOLOs and remotely update their status. The ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution helps you better serve your community with a faster, safer and better coordinated and informed workforce.

Features and Benefits

Easily exchange information across your entire operation and with your external partners when you unify your communications and connect your devices, including mobile and portable radios, smart phones, PDAs, desktop clients and mobile data computers.

From dedicated messaging-only systems, high-availability options and configurations bundled with PremierOne™, you have the flexibility to install the features you need today, with the ability to expand to the capabilities you need in the future.

Resources in the field access the information they need when and where they need it. Information flows in real time across your operation, improving workflows, awareness and productivity.

To meet your information assurance (IA) needs, we offer CJIS-compliant query options based on RSA® multi-factor authentication technologies.


  • Audible and visual alerts notify users when information arrives
  • Content adapted for radio capability
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Up to 150 pre-definable messages for quick and easy responses
  • Radio keypad makes it easy to compose free-form text messages of up to 200 characters
  • Pre-defined address lists or user ID entry speeds message creation
The Microsoft Windows® based ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution Smart Client is an easy-to-use application that allows users to run queries against internal and external databases and exchange messages with radio users and others.

Motorola PremierOne™ is a powerful suite of applications specifically designed for the public safety environment. When you deploy ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution with PremierOne CAD you get tight, total system integration. Users can receive dispatches and BOLOs, update their status, run license plates and other queries, and send messages easily from their radios.

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